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The Lebanon Big Swing Band formed in 1990 as the "Lebanon Community Big Band" and was founded by Edgar Felty, Karl Wolf Jr., and Lee Moyer (active member). A project of AFM Musician's Union Local 401 - 750, it was created for the purposes of:

  • A public Relations vehicle of the Musicians Local

  • An opportunity for local musicians to play the music and songs associated with the "big band era"

  • Performing several times each year as a fund raising opportunity for the organization

  • Developing a Lebanon Valley Musicians Hall of Fame

The band's first rehearsal took place at the Lebanon Elks Lodge and consisted of 17 members: piano, bass, drums, guitar, 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, and 4 trombones. Since then, the band has had a few name changes including: "Lebanon Community Big Band", "Lebanon Big Band", and currently "Lebanon Big Swing Band". 

LBSB's first repertoire books were put together by Karl Wolf Jr. and Lee Moyer from their own library of music. Additional charts were donated or modified by Don Poloumbi (Trombone—retired from a career of playing NYC), Skeets Blouch, and Ed Felty. Skeets and Ed ran a local go-to band which had been recently dissolved and were able to use many of their charts to help LBSB build their music library early on.

The first performances for the Lebanon Big Swing Band took place in 1991. As rehearsals were held at the Lebanon Elks Lodge, the band played several dances at the club each year in return for the use of their hall. The dances generated a large following for the group and they were able to begin booking an increasing about of gigs. LBSB's focus has always been bringing Big Band music to Central PA. In keeping with that theme, they have performed at the Summer Series in Mountville, Lebanon Expo Center, Fort Indiantown Gap for the WWII Historical Association, school events in the area, and many other functions in Central PA.

In 2015, the Lebanon Big Swing Band celebrated 25 years of music in Central PA. In the article below, founding member, Lee Moyer discusses the legacy and relevance of swing music even decades after its popularity. 

Today, the Lebanon Big Swing Band continues to perform in Central PA throughout the year. We have now added vocalists to the roster and are happy to have two remaining original members in the band: Lee Moyer and Warren Daugherty. We remain dedicated to keeping the spirit of Big Band alive. 

* All documents on this page provided courtesy of Lee Moyer *

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